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Cooking Dash

Developer: PlayFirst  

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Cooking Dash game

A cooking frenzy with DinerTown drama!
Who knew? Flo can cook, too! When Cookie the Chef leaves Flo's Diner to pursue a career on a popular reality cooking TV show, there is a shortage of chefs in DinerTown. Every week, Cookie invites a different chef to appear as a guest star and Flo must fill in while that Chef is away! Finally, Cookie asks Flo to guest star on the Hollywood set of Flo's Diner, and the two of them put on one unforgettable show! It's a fast-paced frenzy with plenty of DinerTown drama in Cooking Dash!
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Game Features

Cooking Dash - Cooking Games

of Cooking Dash Game
• Flo Can Cook Too!
• Play Story Mode Or Endless Shift!
• Master 5 Different Restaurants!
• Upgrades, Upgrades, Upgrades!
Players's Comments
for Cooking Dash Game
    What is this FUCK? I am only 7 years old and they what me to download Cooking dash.I don't know how to download.HELP ME I AM STUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12th April, 2011, Evgenia Sergeeva 
    cooking dash i cant wait to play it
11th September, 2010, cynthia stewart 
    I love this game I only wish we could play it for free with out having to downlode it!! :(
28th February, 2010, Bridget 
    This Game sucks, I cant even finish the game coz' it has time limit!!!! >:(
2nd January, 2010, Derrick 
    I LOVE this game, I wish I could find it in the stores! :(
14th July, 2009, Bonnie 
    i love it but the thing is that i want to download the full version i cant afford it because i live some where else and i dont use dallors. can anyone help me out? they could let us download the game for atleast 15 days
26th May, 2009, Nashmia 
    I don't have what to say. This game is AWESOME. I really like all Diner Dash parts, but this one is different, better then others parts. I tottaly recomend to buy this game in first place. Who knows how others Diner (Cooking) Dash parts can surpass this one. Thank you very much for this game. Really!!!
2nd October, 2008, Lina 
    As soon as I saw this I had to download the demo.A few minutes into the game I had to buy it.Amazingly great graphics and an all new dash around the kitchen task make this a fantastic addition to the diner dash games and makes it all look new.I'm looking forward to sitting up tonight to play more cooking dash.Buy the game as the demo just wont be enough.
2nd October, 2008, AussieBlue 

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