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Alice Greenfingers 2

Developer: Arcade Lab  

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Alice Greenfingers 2 game

Restore Uncle Berry's decayed farm in the latest Alice adventure!
Alice's lazy uncle has finally decided to do something about his decaying farm. Gentle and faithful as always, Alice packs her bags and sets off for a new season down at Uncle Berry's place. Help Alice save the farm, in the game where you're always free to do things YOUR WAY! Grow more than 12 different crops and enrich your farm with many different types of animals and livestock in this brand-new Alice Greenfingers adventure!
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Game Features

Alice Greenfingers 2 - Virtual Farm Games

of Alice Greenfingers 2 Game
• Design Your Own Garden, YOUR WAY!
• Grow More Than 12 Different Crops!
• Enrich Your Farm With Many Different Animals!
• Win Trophies And Badges!
Players's Comments
for Alice Greenfingers 2 Game
    Did you guys know that you need to pay for the releasing of Alice Greenfingers 3 on May 17 2012? We need your payment for new items. It's gonna be online.
9th May, 2011, Alice 
    Why can it not be FREE it's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12th April, 2011, Anonymous 
    Super. When i was 7 - 8 years old, i hacked the first (Alice Greenfingers 1) to be unlimited, but it was got from Reflexive Arcade. BTW, im still finding for a place to get a free full version of it with unlimited playtime :D
4th May, 2010, O.J.J. (in games, Eestlane771) 
    I want to get this I even said I'll pay for it but they let me yet
4th May, 2010, 240 
    really liked it. one of the best games that turned my mood around. but i think i've had enough play of it. but it was good while i liked it, really was. by the way how do you guys make business out of the games you give for free, just a question.
14th August, 2009, Anonymous 
    I wish it is for free
23rd June, 2009, Anonymous 
    wish it was online... i download from all the different sites so i can play it all the time...want to buy it but my parents dont want to pay for it :(
20th June, 2009, Doggie949 
    realy good but....... I wish it was online :( .......pitty
31st May, 2009, a cool guy 
    i wish u can play it online without download if they put it online id tell my whole school i love this game. mehhhh.....
17th May, 2009, x x x aneyce. 
    this game is soo fun.i download play then uninstall it cuse my parents dont like me playing games
24th March, 2009, Radha Chivukula 
    Why can't it be for free it's so fun
8th February, 2009, Bibby 
    its my favourite game i just love playing it.
3rd February, 2009, Anonymous 
    i wish it is for free
11th January, 2009, Iya 
    i absolutely recomend this game to EVERYONE!! its so awesome that now it makes me wanna play it all day :) toodles!!
6th December, 2008, Lucy Fonseca 
    Really fun game when you download it. I wish it was online to without downloading it.
28th November, 2008, Anonymous 

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